Theme Parks are back!

This weekend on the 4th of July, UK theme parks will be back open after what feels like an absolute eternity! While a few theme parks managed to open their doors in March, albeit for a very short time, most theme parks haven’t opened properly since the end of the 2019 season. It is absolutely crazy to have seen these parks, usually absolutely heaving this time of year, absolutely empty.

Alton Towers opened up a few weeks ago to allow guests to walk around their gardens for a reduced price and we’ve seen a number of theme parks with zoos open up for guests to see the animals but this weekend will be the first time we see actually rides open to the public. In some cases, that means the first time since November time last year! Some are choosing to wait a little while before they open but most major parks in the UK will be back in business on Saturday.

This year, we managed to get to Alton Towers in January for their festive breaks which means the only things I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing in 2020 so far are mainly children’s rides, Hex (taking my 86 year old Nan on was a highlight!), and Spinball Whizzer!

I can’t explain how excited I am to see theme parks back in action. I am still a bit hesitant of the whole thing and the experience is not going to be as it was but I’m still looking forward to seeing my favourite places operating again like they should be. Though I’m not going to be heading there for a few weeks yet, I’m just happy that these places will be able to start making up for their lost income and hopefully, this will mean we’ll see less casualties of Covid 19 in the theme park industry.

If you are able to and feel safe doing so, I urge you to try and visit your local parks and support them in any way you can. Visit some of the lesser known parks, buy some merch, have some food, give them the boost that they need. The Entertainment industry is one of the areas that has been hit the hardest and every little bit we can do will help.

Another thing to remember this weekend is that the procedures in place are new for the staff too. They will be getting used to it all and it is a steep learning curve for everyone. Please be kind. Please be patient. Please follow the rules. Please stay safe. It is so exciting but don’t forget that we still need to be sensible.

The 2020 season may be an odd one but let’s make the most of it.


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