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Alton Towers Festive Day Out and Lightopia

On Saturday, we decided to head to Alton Towers to check out their Christmas offering for 2021. This year, Alton Towers have decked themselves beautifully for the holiday season with Christmas Markets, a limited ride offering (mainly geared towards smaller children), entertainment and Lightopia, an immersive walk-through based on the four seasons. Here's our thoughts... Continue Reading →

Warner Bros Studio Tour – October 2021

I have always been a big fan of the Harry Potter films, having watched them all through so many times with my little sister. Though I never got that into the books, I have read them and I love the whole world of the Harry Potter stories. Knowing that next October we should be visiting... Continue Reading →

Dark Rides…Interactive Vs Story

We all know that I'm a massive fan of dark rides. I absolutely love them. In some ways, they are my favourite part of theme parks and have been since I was little. I don't think I've ever been to Alton Towers without Hex or Duel. Some of my earliest memories are Toyland Tours, Professor... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about Croc Drop at Chessington!

After Rameses Revenge was removed, Chessington has been busy working on a new project to replace the iconic top spin attraction. There hasn't been much official information about the ride from Chessington themselves...until now! Chessington have finally revealed that Croc Drop, an SBF Visa drop tower, will be coming to the park for the 2021... Continue Reading →

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